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Knowledge Impact in Society

CAIRN is one of five ERCA research networks across Canada. Created in 2004, the objective of this thirty seven member network is to increase the understanding of agricultural innovation and aid in the development of public policy and regulation to support innovation in the Canadian agriculture and food sector.

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CAIRN Publications & Policy Briefs
No. 25 - March 2011 - Sparling & Thompson Competitiveness of Canadian Agri-Food Supply Chains
No. 26 - May 2011 - Thompson & Clark Government Support of Agricultural R&D
No. 27 - April 2011 - Thompson Program Spending Returns
No. 28 - Feb 2012 - Sparling & Cheney
Identifying Business Models, Strategies and Policies for the Canadian Bioeconomy
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Report - 2012 - Alston, Gray & Bolek Farmer-Funded R&D: Institutional Innovations for Enhancing Agricultural Research Investments
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CAIRN Network Members

This multidisciplinary network is composed of members located across Canada at a variety of academic, government and private institutions.

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CAIRN Graduate Students

CAIRN provides training opportunities for graduate students. All of the collaborators, with the exception of the University of Lethbridge, have graduate student programs in their respective departments.

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CAIRN Events

Each year the network members meet to share their research and to discuss projects for the upcoming year. CAIRN also partners with other organizations to co-host events related to agriculture innovation and policy.

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Network Member Institutions

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CAIRN's Research Matrix


Primary Competi- tiveness

Functional Food Processing
Bioenergy/ Bioproduct Development
Innovation Analysis      
Regulatory Systems Analysis      
Industry Coordina- tion      
Innovation Impact      

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