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CAPC 2016 Ballroom

Conference Overview

This conference is the premier national policy outlook for the agri-food sector. The theme of this year's conference was In the Midst of Change: Challenges Ahead for the Canadian Agri-food Sector. It featured a blend of presentations from distinguished scholars, industry stakeholders and government officials highlighting critical issues and potential policy solutions facing the agriculture and agri-food system in Canada today.

A presentation and panel discussion on agriculture statistics, organized by Statistics Canada, was held on the afternoon preceding the conference. Chief Statistician of Canada, Wayne R. Smith, hosted this half-day event. Mr. Smith’s presentation was followed by a discussion with experts, which contributed to the broader understanding of important issues related to Canadian agriculture. This event was part of Talking Stats: A discussion series with StatCan being held across Canada in 2016.

A day and a half of speakers and sessions focused on the challenges of recent trade negotiations as well as issues such as risk management and the labour shortage were held.

Attendees enjoyed the Welcome Reception on the evening of January 20th and the ever popular research poster contest and wine and cheese reception sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Canada on Thursday evening.

At this conference attendees have the opportunity to network with numerous stakeholders from the North American agri-food sector, learn about various trade related issues, including: the significant and increasing challenge of labour availability, a potential constraint for the development of our agri-food sector; innovations in risk management; and the challenges and opportunities these generate for the private and public sectors.


The sixth annual agri-food policy conference was held in Ottawa at the Château Laurier
from January 20-22, 2016.

Hosted by:

Cdn Agricultural Economics Society

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Wednesday, January 20

Presentation and Panel Discussion on Agriculture Statistics
(Organized by Statistics Canada)

This half-day event is part of Talking Stats: A discussion series with StatCan being held across Canada in 2016 - a Census year. Wayne R. Smith, Chief Statistician of Canada provided a profile of Canadian Agriculture and the Challenges Ahead, which was followed by a panel discussion with experts and audience questions.

18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception and Registration Packet Pick-up
Thursday, January 21
8:45-9:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
Maurice Doyon, Laval University, CAES Past-President (Read Bio)








Keynote Session 1 : The Future of the WTO and Regional Trade Agreements (Sponsored by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy)

Given the multiplication of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and the failure of the Doha Round, what is the future of the WTO. In light of the most recent development, the implication of regional trade agreement on the U.S. and Canadian agri-food sector will also be discussed at the aggregate level.

Chair: Alan Ker, University of Guelph, CAES President-Elect (Read Bio)

Speaker: Joe Glauber, Retired Chief Economist at the USDA and current Research Fellow at International Food Policy Research Institute (Read Bio)

10:15-10:45 Networking Break







Keynote Session 2: Canada’s Evolving International Trade Landscape – What Should Canada’s Agri-food Sector Expect?

Canada has a number of major new Trade agreements in process. By 2020 if all of these negotiations are successfully completed and ratified the new markets that will be opened are one and a half times the size of the NAFTA market by value and five times its population. The presentation will examine the agricultural implication of the public know parts of these agreements and speculate on what the yet to be finished TransPacific Partnership.

Chair: Derek Brewin, University of Manitoba, CAES President (Read Bio)

Kerr Presentation Speaker: Bill Kerr, University of Saskatchewan (Read Bio)
11:55-12:00 A Word From the Agricultural Institute of Canada
Serge Buy, Chief Executive Officer
12:00-13:15 Lunch




Session 1: Farm Revenues Insurance: Is there a greater role for the private sector?

Historically, farm revenue insurance programs have been mostly backed by governments. However, following scales back of the government AgriStability, some growers are contracting private insurance. Should private insurance play a greater role in the future or should it remain a product for specific situations?

Chair: Maurice Doyon, Laval University, CAES Past-President (Read Bio)


Kosior Presentation Grant Kosior, Global Ag Risk Solutions (Read Bio)
Hursh Presentation Kevin Hursh, CEO of Hursh Consulting & Communications (Read Bio)
Barnett Presentation Barry Barnett, Mississippi State University (Read Bio)
15:00-15:30 Networking Break

Session 2 : Mind the Gap: Future Sector Viability & Success Requires Focused Attention on Labour Issues
(Sponsored by CanFax Research Services)

In the midst of all this change, the Canadian agri-food sector will be pressured to take advantage of export opportunities while managing increasing competition on its domestic market. Will the sector be able to have access to quality human resources and sufficient numbers as well as a good access to foreign workers?

Introduced by: Brenna Grant, CanFax (Read Bio)

MacDonald Presentation Speaker: Portia MacDonald, Executive Director, Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (Read Bio)
17:00-19:00 Wine & Cheese and Poster Competition
Friday, January 22



Session 3 : Capturing the New Value Added Opportunities (Sponsored by Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute)

With a changing landscape new value added opportunities are emerging. What kind of policies do we need to facilitate the capture of these opportunities?

McInnes McInnes Presentation

Chair: David McInnes, CAPI (Read Bio)



Buth Presentation JoAnne Buth, Canadian International Grains Institute (Read Bio)
Hobbs Presentation Jill Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan (Read Bio)
Seguin Presentation Guy Seguin, Dairy Farmers of Canada (Read Bio)
10:30-11:00 Networking Break
11:00-11:15 Presentations of Poster Finalists (3 min each)

Keynote Session 3: Whither value added? Can we attain coherence between public policy and private strategies in the new food economy? (Sponsored by La Coop fédérée)

Dynamism in the contemporary agri-food system has led to emergence of nimble entrepreneurs eager to take swift action on value-added opportunities. At the same time, a traditional commodity based approach to agricultural production and marketing continues. This talk will frame coexistence of value-added and commodity perspectives in the context of public policies and private strategies, and discuss where to place a value-added perspective within the broader context of Canada's agri-food policies.

Introduced by: Gaétan Desroches, CEO, La Coop fédérée (Read Bio)

Cranfield Presentation Speaker: John Cranfield, University of Guelph (Read Bio)
12:15-12:30 Closing Comments and Announcement of Contest Winners
Derek Brewin, University of Manitoba, CAES President (Read Bio)

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Research Poster Competition

Sponsored by

FARE Institute

The Poster competition took place during the wine and cheese reception on the evening of Thursday, January 21. Posters are welcome from any researchers. Posters where first author is a CAES Student Member or Early Career Professional (ECP) member are automatically entered into the Poster Competition. All submitters had to prepare and practice a 3-minute oral summary of their poster and be expected to discuss their posters informally with conference attendees during conference breaks.

Great Opportunities for Finalists

A vote by conference attendees generates three finalists who each had to present their research live in front of the audience for 3 minutes on Friday morning. A group of judges then makes the final selection for the poster prizes.

The top presenter - Hawley Campbell - will receive a trip to the 2016 CAES Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC, June 21-23, including airfare (to a maximum of $1000), registration, and 3 hotel nights in at the Hotel Grand Pacific right on Victoria's inner harbour. Cash prizes were awarded to the second ($300) and third ($200) place winners - Stéphane Bergeron and Jean-Baptiste Zongo.

This year's poster prize winners were:

CAPC 2016 Poster Winners
1st Place
Hawley Campbell,
University of Alberta
2nd Place
Stéphane Bergeron
Université Laval
3rd Place
Jean-Baptiste Zongo
Université Laval


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Abstract 1 - Amsalu Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alberta's Irrigation Rehabilitation Program | Dareskedar Workie Amsalu and Dr. Scott R. Jeffrey; University of Alberta
Abstract 2 - Arntz-Gray The Dependence of Corn Yields on Precipitation Levels over Time in Iowa and Ontario | Regan Arntz-Gray and Dr. Bill Deen; University of Guelph
Abstract 3 - Asuncion Assessing the Use of Farm Land Rental Rates to Determine Agricultural Land Values Near Urban Areas: An Empirical Study in South-Western Ontario | Carl Asuncion, Dr. Brady Deaton and Dr. Alfons Weersink; University of Guelph
Abstract 4 - Bergeron Understanding Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences for Enhanced Cage Housing | Stéphane Bergeron and Dr. Maurice Doyon; CREATE, Université Laval
Abstract 5 - Brennan Cost Efficiency and Financial Constraints in Agricultural Marketing and Processing Co-operatives in Canada | Emily Brennan and Dr. Getu Hailu; University of Guelph
Abstract 6 - Campbell Gains from Trade but to Whom? Canola and the Trans-Pacific Partnership | Hawley Campbell and Dr. Henry An; University of Alberta
Abstract 7 - Dayananda Economic and Environmental Tradeoffs of Ontario’s Dairy Farming Systems | Chathurika Dayananda and Dr. Alfons Weersink; University of Guelph
Abstract 8 - Ferner Whole-farm Income Insurance: A Risk Management Strategy or Investment Tool? | Emma Ferner, Dr. Ying (Jessica) Cao and Dr. Alfons Weersink; University of Guelph
Abstract 9 - Laryea Farm Animal Welfare in Canada – How Vanishing Knowledge about Agriculture, Values and Labelling Affect Public Perceptions and Shopping Behaviours | Anita Ahiney Laryea and Dr. Sven Anders; University of Alberta
Abstract 1 - Amsalu A Case Study of the Gully Creek Watershed: Understanding Farmer Nutrient Application Decisions and Beneficial Management Practices | Jennifer Leslie and Dr. Alfons Weersink; University of Guelph
Abstract 11 - Piedrahita Competitiveness, Exchange Rate, and Labour Productivity of Food Manufacturing | Natalia Piedrahita and Dr. Getu Hailu; University of Guelph
Abstract 12 - Worden Reducing Peaks in Drinking Water Demand in the City of Guelph: Estimating the Potential Cost Savings of Delaying Water System Capacity Expansions | David Worden and Dr. Brady Deaton; University of Guelph
Abstract 13 - Yang Reducing Uncertainty of Economic Benefits of Canadian Cattle Traceability Systems on A Potential Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Outbreak for the Purpose of Cost-Benefit Analysis | Lin Yang and Dr. Andreas Boecker; University of Guelph
Abstract 14 - Wendkouni On the Factors Influencing Export Duration for Agricultural and Agri-Food Products | Jean-Baptiste Zongo Wendkouni and Dr. Bruno Larue; CREATE, Université Laval


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The conference has been annually held at the beautiful Fairmont Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa.

The hotel is located at 1 Rideau Street.

Chateau Laurier

Hotel Website

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Desjardins with Canadian Credit Union Association



University of Guelph - FARE


U of A Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology


U of S Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics


U of M Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

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Conference Contact Information


Canadian Agricultural Economics Society
Rm 360, Business & Economics Building
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2

Fax: 1-866-543-7613

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Conference Organizing Committee:

Maurice Doyon, CAES Past-President
Derek Brewin, CAES President
Alan Ker, CAES President-Elect
Richard Sanchez, CAES Treasurer

Event Administration:

Valerie Johnson, CAES Executive Director
Kathy Larson, U Saskatchewan

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