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Knowledge Impact in Society

Presentations for Download
Powerpoint slides in pdf format. Listed in chronological order.

CAIRN Workshop - Banff, AB - December 2008
On Optimality of Secrecy and Scarcity of Idea - Koo
IPRs and the Future of Plant Breeding in Canada - Galushko

An Application of Time Series Panel Econometrics to Gravity Models - Thibodeau, Clark, Ghazalian

Breeders' Rights and Open Source Crop Germplasm - Holman
Innovation and Commercialization in the Canadian Bioproducts Industry - Laughland, Cranifield and Sparling
The Effects of Green Energy Policies on Innovation - Prescott
Presentations to Rural Secretariat - Ottawa, ON - January 2008
Food Processing and Innovation - Brewin
Rural Implications of Innovations in the Agri-food Sector - Olfert
Innovations in Rural Policy: Building Stronger Rural Communities by Building Stronger Regions - Partridge
APRN Joint Meeting - Ottawa, ON - January 2008
The Economic Rationale for Public Agricultural Research in Canada - Gray and Weseen
Food & Fuel Conference - Saskatoon, SK - June 2007
e-Proceedings available by clicking on Flashplayer icon.
Producer Check-offs - Alston
Food and Fuel R & D: A Private Sector Perspective - Devine
An Analysis of the Long-Run Impact of Ethanol Expansion on U.S. Agricultural Markets - Elobeid
GRDC's R & D Financing Model - Enright
Public Sector Agricultural Science Focus: The Canadian Perspective - Freeze
Canola Breeding and Freedom to Operate - Fulton
IPRs, FTO, and Alternative Structures for Agricultural R & D - Graff
Rates of Return to Crop Research in Canada - Gray
CropLife Canada Industry Persepctive - Hepworth
U.S. Agricultural Productivity & Returns to Research - James
Public Crop Research in the Genomics Era: Is a New Model Required - Keller
A Producer Driven Model of Partnership - McKell
Research Policy Issues Affecting the Pulse Industry - Moen
Agricultural Science Funding - Pardey
Canadian and Prairie Agricultural Productivity: Measurement, Causes and Policy Implications - Veeman
Western Canadian Producer Associations; Check-offs and Matching Grants - Vercammen
CAIRN IPR Workshop - Toronto, ON - December 2005
An Overview of the Guelph Food Technology Centre - Fread
Farmers, Income, and Intellectual Property Rights - Qualman
Freedom to Operate Issues, IPRs and Second Generation Commercialization - Gray
High Energy Prices and Agricultural Outlook - Gray
Intellectual Propert Rights for Agricultural Research and Commercialization - Graff
IPRs and Functional Foods - Durell
Knowledge Creation, Exchange and Output in Collaborative Research Networks: An Evaluation of Genome Canada Funded Projects - Ryan
Licensing Biotechnology in Developing Countries: A Levy as a Transaction-cost Reducing Mechanism to Protect IPRs - Cardwel
The Pulse of Agriculture in Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
The Trips Agreement: A Context for Canadian Intellectual Property Protection - Gaisford




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