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Publication # 37- On the Relationship between Regional Trade Agreements and Agricultural Technology and Productivity- Ghazalian
Publication # 36- Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Regulations in Canada and Around the World: Nutrition Labels and Health Claims- Malla, Hobbs and Sogah

Publication # 35- Assessing the Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Industry: A Comparative Overview and Literature Review- Malla, Hobbs, Sogah and Yeung

Publication # 34 - The Privatization of British Wheat Breeding: What Can Canada Learn? - Galushko and Gray

Publication # 33 - Historical Review of Agricultural Productivity Studies - Darku, Malla and Tran

Publication # 32 - Historical Review of Agricultural Efficiency Studies- Darku, Malla and Tran


Publication # 31 - Sources & Measurement of Agricultural Productivity & Efficiency in Canadian Provinces: Crops & Livstock - Darku, Malla and Tran

Publication # 30 - Stochastic Frontier Approach of Measuring Agricultural Productivity & Efficiency: Accounting for Innovations - Darku, Malla and Tran

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Publication # 29 - The Regulation of Biofuels in the United States, European Union and Canada - Mondou and Skogstad

Publication # 28 - Farmer-Funded R&D: Institutional Innovations for Enhancing Agricultural Research Investments
Alston, Gray and Bolek


Publication # 27 - Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Knowledge Sharing in Flax Breeding - Galushko and Ryan

Publication # 26 - Examining the Effects of Exchange Rate Movements on Price Behavior of Major Tradable Agricultural Outputs and Inputs and Financial Performance of Canadian Agriculture - Shakeri and Gray

Publication # 25 - Public-Private Partnerships for the Management of National, Regional and International Innovation Systems: A Network Analysis of Knowledge Translation Systems - Boland, Phillips and Ryan


Publication # 24 - Best Practices for Canadian Agricultural Innovation: Lessons From Theory And Practice - Gray and Weseen

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Publication # 23 - Returns to Pulse Crop Research & Development and the Management of Intellectual Property Rights - Gray, Nagy, Galushko and Weseen

Publication # 22 - Protection of Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries: Economic Impact Analysis of Terminator Genes and Other Enforcement Mechanisms - Zhang Thesis

Publication # 21 - Innovation, Rurality and Human Capital in Food Processing - Brewin and Omidvar

Publication # 20 - Benefits from Wheat Breeding Research in Western Canada - Galushko and Gray

Publication # 19 - Determinants of Food Industry Performance: Survey Data and Regressions from Denmark - Furtan and Sauer

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Publication # 18 - Protecting Biotechnology IPRs in Developing Countries: Simple Analytics of a Levy Solution - Cardwell and Kerr


Publication # 17 - The Economic Rationale for Public Agricultural Research in Canada - Gray and Weseen

Publication # 16 - The Provision of Goods and Farm Policy in Canada - Gray, Fulton and Furtan

Publication # 15 - The Effect of Innovation on Agricultural and Agri-food Exports in OECD Countries - Ghazalian and Furtan

Publication # 14 - Factors that Affect the Adoption Decision of Conservation Tillage in the Prairie Region of Canada - Davey and Furtan

Publication # 13 - The Impact of Regulatory, Human Capital and Financial Barriers on Functional Food and Neutraceutical Firm Performance in Canada - Herath, Cranfield and Henson

Publication # 12 - Firm, Market and Regulatory Factors Influencing Innovation and Commercialization in Canada's Functional Food and Neutraceutical Sector - Herath, Cranfield, Henson and Sparling

Publication # 11 - Understanding the Financing of Innovation and Commercialization: The Case of the Canadian Functional Food and Neutraceutical Sector - Herath, Cranfield and Henson

Publication # 10 - Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation around the World: Evidence from Panel Data - Léger

Publication # 9 - The Role(s) of Intellectual Property Rights for Innovation: A Review of the Empirical Evidence and Implications for Developing Countries - Léger

Publication # 8 - Innovation Theories: Relevance and Implications for Developing Country Innovation - Léger and Swaminathan



Publication # 7 - The Canadian Bioproducts Development Survey – 2006: Analysis of the Summary Results Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Sparling, Cranfield, Henson and Laughland

Publication # 6 - Agriculture’s Role in the Bioproducts Industry - Sparling and Laughland

Publication # 5 - Factors Affecting Biotechnology Innovation in Canada: Analysis of the 2001 Biotechnology Use and Development Survey - van Moorsel, Cranfield, and Sparling

Publication # 4 - Public regulation of R&D racings - Bontems and Vercammen

Publication # 3 - Uncertainty and Specific Investment with Weak Contract Enforcement - Swinnen and Vercammen

Publication # 2 - Optimal R&D Subsidies with Endogenous Information Collection by Innovating Firms - Vercammen



Publication # 1- Returns to Research Western Grains Research Foundation Wheat and Barley Checkoffs - Scott, Guzel, Furtan and Gray


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